Introducing e-Heguru, the online programme that will unlock the hidden potential of your child

We at Heguru believe that every child shall have the chance to a strong foundation in their early years. Interlinking Heguru Education with technology, we hope that e-Heguru will benefit more children.

Right VS Left Brain


  • Develops first (0-4 years)
  • Subconscious mind
  • Fast speed processing


  • Develops first 4 years old
  • Conscious mind
  • Low-speed processing

What do we offer?

Toddler Programme

( 1 to 3 years old )




Lesson is conducted through online video with a duration of 25 -30 mins which include around 30 activities.

Topics covered are arts, music, language, general knowledge, mathematics and many more. 

Worksheet and interactive 

hands-on activities will 

be provided.

Why choose e-Heguru?

Fast Pace Teaching Method

  • Important for right brain training
  • Around 30 activities in 30 mins video

Qualified Teacher

  • Japan trained and certified teachers
  • Internal assessment

Interactive and Intuitive

  • Interesting hands-on activities
  • Comprehensive workbook

Online Programme available

  • Convenience, lesson @home

Result Proven

  • Students testimonial on both academic and curricular activities
  • Recommended by many parents

Testimonials from parents





Student Testimonial

Chow Jien Juen

( Joined at age 2 until 10 ) 

  • Famous cup stacker and has won gold medals in the 
  • World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA) competition when he was just 4 years old. 
  • The latest achievement in cup stacking is during WSSA Summit 2017.
  • Won Best Performance Award in WeCode Competition, a programming competition.
  • Training in Heguru helped to improve his hand-eye coordination which is important in cup stacking sport.

Siti Nur Aryssa

( Joined at age 1 until Present ) 

  • She made her first invention, a "Bottle Sharpener", at the age of 3. We called Aryssa little scientist.
  • She invented "Intelligent Eye (IE) Reader" and won a Bronze prize at the KLESF Challenge 2017 in the Technology category. 
  • Heguru stimulation programme helps to develop her visualisation ability, creativity as well as a critical thinking skill.

Do Not Miss Out Your Child’s Golden Period!

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